martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011


NO SOMBRERO is a traveling exhibition that reunites young artists and designers from Mexico to show the world how the new, young and emerging Mexican artist comes with no ‘sombrero’. This means without the 'cliche' traditional and folkloric aesthetic with the purpose of enchanting a foreigner.
The message of No Sombrero comes from the mexican artists' idea  of the importance of embracing Mexico's cultural legacy in order to acquire identity, yet it is necessary to bring exploration and innovative ideas to have an updated vision of the cultural happenings around the world. This exhibition approaches us as a 'demonstration'of the reloaded version of mexican identity into our contemporary life.
NO SOMBRERO is compiled by more than 50 mexican artists, designers, and illustrators.
Organized and Curated by:
Melissa Godoy Nieto, and María J. Baez and Liliana Zúñiga from Mexico City.
The Poetry Club Artspace
317 Putnam Ave.
Brooklyn, New York 11216
United States of America